Sorry I havent been posting!

Been incredibly busy with uni and next week is my last official week ever until I exhibit my illustrations at the end of Nov. (Yes I’m doing a series on British Comedians ;) ) Will post up pics of said exhibition when it happens and thanks for sticking around my lifeless blog meanwhile! X

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Sean Lock’s thoughts on Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball Video

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- Sean Lock on why he doesn’t do QI anymore.

"I don’t do QI anymore because I don’t need to. And it’s repeated so much. They only pay you – very little money – once, and then they repeat it and sell it all over the world forever.

"Its only purpose for me is to maintain my profile and it’ll be five years before anyone notices I don’t do it anymore."


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There’s a new episode of Big Fat Quiz of the 90s?! 
My week has been made :’)

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Just letting you all know I’m moving my illustrations to another blog and will be deleting the ones I posted here soon-ish. 

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Thank you! (Wish you were off anon though!)

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Ok so Jimmy Carr sold out in 30mins but…

2x are

ROW B and near the centre too!




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Jimmy Carr is coming to Sydney in Jan `14! :D 

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8 Out of 10 Cats is back on October 4!
:D Finally life will have some sort of meaning again heh

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